The Fortnite port-a-fort is here and this is everything you need to know about it.

Building is such a huge part of Fortnite, I mean it is the entire niche of the game. Becoming a good builder is such an important aspect, and it really can help with not only winning gun battles but escaping the storm.

Thankfully, Epic has done a lot of help newer and less skilled players with building in recent months. First, they added the auto build and switch mechanics that allowed you to hold down one button. They also added llama’s across the map which have vast amounts of materials, making it even easier for you to build yourself a solid base.

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Now though, Epic has introduced a new item that will not only aid you in building, but get you out of some very sticky situations. The port-a-fort is a legendary item that will drop in a single form, but can actually be stacked, so you can have up to five in your inventory at any one time.

The basic concept is that it builds a one-by-one fort made of steel and brick. A door is added at the bottom, with some tires so players can easily get to the top level of the base. While it builds almost instantly, it will take a little bit of time to get full health due to the material choice.

So what are people on Twitter saying about the Fortnite port-a-fort

It looks like it will be a great way to get some cover and quickly. However, the obvious issue with a one-by-one is that it can be easily shot down.

That being said, we’ll have a review of it up for you tomorrow.

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