Yeah, the Fortnite guided missile is so broken!

If like me, you get killed by something in a game, you blurt out, “Ah, that’s so OP”. However, let’s be honest, most of the time whatever you die by isn’t totally overpowered.

That is unless you have played Fortnite in recently because oh my days, that guided missile launcher is just beyond broken. Well, it’s actually okay in solo mode because you are completely taken out of the game for several seconds, leaving you exposed to an attack.

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However, if you have played duos or squads, then my god it is the worst. This is mainly thanks to one or several opponents being able to shoot down your building, leaving you to face a pinpoint accurate missile with little to save you.

Now, there are ways to counter the missile. You can shoot it out the sky, and you can even use impulse grenades to divert it away.

Still, being able to launch a perfect rocket basically into the face of someone while your team put them under pressure, is a little crazy.


And this is what Fornite fans on Twitter have been saying about it:

So how can Epic change the guided missile launcher to make it more balanced? Well, it is fair to say that it is quite a rare item that you won’t see every player with, but increasing its’ drop chances would work well. However, one of the biggest things would potentially be removing it from squads and just leaving it in duos and solos.

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