Wondering how to find Fortnite Week 8 treasure? Well, we’ve got a fool-proof guide.

The Fortnite Week 8 challenges are now live, and they are precisely what we predicted earlier this week.

While we weren’t one hundred percent sure if the leaks were legit or not, they just seemed so right. What do you know, they were!

Some of the challenges are really straightforward such as get suppressed kills or search chests in Salty Springs; there are two challenges which may be a little harder to complete, though.

For five of the seven of them, you’ll need to figure them out yourself; they’re so straightforward, we won’t be helping you with them.

The two we will be helping you with are the ‘Search Seven Gnomes’ and ‘Search Between A Bear, a Crater and a Refrigerator Shipment’ challenges.

So, let’s start with those pesky gnomes who will be laughing at you until you find them.

Every location of gnomes on Fortnite

Lucky Landing: In the south of Lucky Landing in a kitchen next to a fridge.

Retail Row: On the north side of Retail Row in the corner of the grocery store.

Pleasant Park: In the north-east side of Pleasant Park in the corner of a petrol station near food shelves.

Tilted Towers: In the centre of Tilted Towers where there is a little food station near what fans call “Trump Tower”.

Tomato Town: Inside the big tomato building in Tomato Town, wedged between the sink and the wall.

The in-door Football Field: Not the new arena, this is the one located between Tilted, Shifty Shafts and Snobby Shores. You’ll find it in the taco stand…proving once again that tacos are amazing.

Warehouses by Flush Factory: This isn’t Flush Factory, but rather the factories close by which have the large dance floor. You’ll find a gnome in the north-west building, near a drink fringe and a sink.

Dead easy.

Search Between A Bear, Crater And A Refrigerator Shipment

As is the next one, and trust us, you don’t need to do those damn treasure maps.

There is a petrol station south of Retail Row (which is a good place for looting); if you head just north-east of that, you will find the Battle Pass treasure.

Just a heads up, if you reach the Crater, then you have gone too far.