The Fortnite LMG looks kinda OP!

Fornite, back at it again with those weekly updates! It feels like it was ages ago since we got hold of the port-a-fort, and everyone was moaning about the switching mechanics.

Well, v.3.5 is now here, and it is set to introduce another new weapon; the Light Machine Gun. So what is the LMG going to add to the Fortnite meta? Well, it is set to be quite similar to the mini-gun – a weapon which is mostly useless. It has a high fire-rate, a good damage output and a very long reload. It does 25 (rare), and 26 (epic) damage, which would mean it is a four hit kill without shields and an eight-hit kill with max health and shields. With the fire-rate so high, it looks to shred through opponents.

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It has a 100 round magazine and pictures show it to have a bipod, which makes us wonder if you can mount it on structures and use it as a mounted machine gun. That might be very cool and probably not too overpowered, simply because you’re putting yourself at risk to snipers, etc.

As well as the introduction of the LMG, there is also another Limited Time Mode – 50v50 2. To be honest, the 50v50 last time around was very disappointing and ended up in little to no loot, and a not quite so epic experience. Thankfully though, the devs have included more weapon crates, chests and ammo drops, as well as improving the number of materials.

While that would be enough to make the game mode better, the team have introduced various changes to the map and end-game. Basically, teams will know where the opposition busses pass will be and where the final circle will end up.

And that is it; there are actually very few changes to the game other than the introduction of the game-mode and LMG. However, there is a slight change to the peaking mechanic which seemed to be bugged following the previous update. This has now been reverted back to how it was before v.3.4.

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