What is going on with the Fortnite countdown?

If there is one thing that Epic Games has been good at in Fortnite, it’s hyping their future events.

We first saw this with Season 3, then most recently with Season 4 as the team teased Titled Towers and Dusty Depot’s destruction via a comet.

Now with Season 5 only two weeks away, it looks like they have ramped up the hype. We’re certainly pumped for what could be happening to kick the new month.

Some things have only just been added to the game in recent days, and you may have missed these strange transmissions…

via SkyZillahRBLX

So what hints are there?

As we have mentioned before, the rocket in the villain’s lair near Snobby is set to launch. Supporting this, a colossal explosion noise found hidden in the game files.

Now, if you go near to the lair, you will hear beeping, and other warning signs, suggesting that the launch will be imminent.

Anything else?

Well, anyone playing last night will have noticed that any TV across the map was broadcasting a countdown; something will happen in less than three days. This undoubtedly will coincide with the new season, for which there is still almost two weeks left.

What can we predict?

We pretty much know that a rocket is going to be launched and hit somewhere on the map. We have theorised in the past that Moisty Mire could be the one that is getting hit by the rocket.

Naturally, I wouldn’t like to see that happen, but that area of the map is barely used unless a challenge is on.

Another theory was that we could see the entire map destroyed, or the majority of it and it turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.