Fortnite streamer gets swatted yet still wins. Ridiculous.

It takes all sorts of things to get a win in Fortnite. Good luck, good loot, good storm management and you know, generally being good at the game.

However, there can be a few things that can distract you; be it texts or your better half trying to talk to you about her boring work story, so many things can cost you a win. That is unless you are Twitch streamer Dr Lupo who took probably one of the worst distractions ever and still pulled out the win.

You’ve probably heard of swatting – the term used for when personalities and streamers have the police or swat teams turn up to their house under false threats. It usually ends up with people worrying if they’re going to get shot, again, unless you’re Dr Lupo.

Yes, he was the Fortnite streamer swatted by someone on three occasions.


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Incredibly, he got swatted mid game and managed to get eight kills and a win while his wife was dealing with the police. In fact, this isn’t the first time that he has been swatter. This is now the third and incredibly it is the second time that he has still managed to win!

Speaking about the series of swattings, Dr Lupo said: “There’s one guy out there who is mad about my success.

“People get really bitter when people start to get popular, especially if it is someone they don’t like.

“The swattings don’t matter cos they’re just bumps in the road, cos we’ve just kept on pushing and it hasn’t mattered.”

That being said, swattings could lead to incredibly dangerous situations, such as what happened earlier this year which resulted in a Kansas man losing his life.


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