Get out your carts, and grab some gear at one of the best Fortnite Playground buildings.

Fortnite’s Playground mode has been widely received as one of the best additions to the game since release. It has given players a place where they can relax and do whatever they want; whether that be 1v1 fights, or building massive structures.

Over the past week, we have seen various streams go for substantial 1v1 build battles, with the likes of Myth and FaZe tfue facing off to prove once and for all who the best builder is. We’ve also seen players create giant rollercoasters, Mario Kart arenas, and bounce pad courses.

However, what we didn’t expect someone to do in the Playground was turn Retail Row into an indoor shopping centre. No, seriously, that is what they did with their 1 hour of game time.

Shopping Time

Not the most impressive thing, but I attempted to turn Retail Row into an indoor mall! from FortNiteBR

Reddit user Kudoplay posted this on Sunday, and it looks pretty amazing.

The giant structure clearly must have taken more than 55 minutes to complete, with the storm already rolling in by the start of the video. Sadly, this meant there wasn’t much time to explore everywhere, but we got an excellent view of the majority of it.

If you are wondering just how big it is, and how much work must have gone into it – well when you see that the outdoor shop and the basketball court all in the same building, you know it is pretty huge!

With Playground only around for three more days, we are really hoping to see some more cool things built before the end.