Is the Fortnite Heavy Sniper OP or not?

Hey, the Heavy Sniper has been released and isn’t quite what we all thought it was going to be. Maybe we got our hopes up a little bit too much as many thought it was going to be able to wall-bang people.

Unfortunately, it very much doesn’t do that. Upon finding this out, I was disappointed but decided to give it a go anyway. In fact, my friend and I went into a Playgrounds game to see if the wall-bang rumour was true; sadly it wasn’t.

We then moved into a few games of duos and thankfully came across both variants of the Heavy Sniper. Now, I’ll admit, I am by no means a good sniper, I’m barely even an average sniper. With that said let’s get into some talking points.

Is it good?

It is but for quite specific reasons. If someone is camping and you and a friend can orchestrate firing at them, then it is good. You take the wall down with the Heavy Sniper and then they can spray to do damage.


Is it better than a bolt-action?

Personally, I’d rather have a bolt-action – to be honest. The thing with the Heavy Sniper is that it fires slower and reloads way slower than the bolt-action. This means that even when you try to use the Heavy as a regular sniper, it has a lot of negatives.

Should I pick it up then?

Well, yes. You might as well try it for yourself, and you may find it is better suited for your style. I will agree with the weapon looks incredibly cool, with the .50 cal aesthetic.

Can you do cool things with it?

Best way to use the new sniper rifle from FortNiteBR

There have been clips of people using two Heavy Snipers. You shoot with one and destroy the wall. Then switch over to the other sniper and try and knock your opponent.

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