Fortnite FNCS Hype Cup is officially cancelled until the 16.40 update. Here’s the reason why.

Hype Cups and Cash Cups are part of Fortnite’s competitive scene that gives players points as per their division.

Eventually, high-ranked players stand a chance to win great cash prizes across the globe. However, every Fortnite FNCS Hype Cup is officially cancelled until the next update.

Read more to find out why Epic Games has made this sudden but inevitable decision.

Why Is Every Fortnite FNCS Hype Cup Cancelled?

Earlier on April 19, players reported issues of players getting matched into a Hype Cup after queuing into a Cash Cup. This issue was acknowledged later by FNCS’s Twitter.

After nearly 3 hours, their official account gave another update announcing the canceling of every remaining Hype Cup alongside Friday Night Bragging Rights until patch 16.40 to avoid conflicts with FNCS.

They’ve also announced that all FNCS Qualifiers and Cash Cups will go on as planned.

What Does This Mean For Hype Cup Enthusiasts?

The unfortunate bug has led to the cancellation of all remaining Hype Cups, at least until the next version of the game. This means that all Fortnite FNCS Hype Cup enthusiasts will have to wait until patch 16.40.

So far, we don’t have a release date for the patch but hopefully it won’t be too far away, especially with the way that Epic Games is moving the Fortnite scene along at the moment.

We will be sure to update you all with the latest Fortnite information, so stay tuned to Elecspo to know when you can return to your beloved Hype Cup!

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