Will you try the new Fortnite fast farm glitch?

Exploits in Fortnite have been used by players to get ahead of opponents.

There have been glitches that make you impossible to hit and, even worse, impossible to see. This is all thanks to the under the map bug that plagued the game recently.

In fact, there have also been quite a few aimbots and other nasty hacks that have crept into the game.

Fast Farming

However, one exploit that players seem to have no problem with is ‘fast farming’.

In the past, you could quickly switch between your pickaxe and weapon; if you timed it correctly, you could destroy and collect materials at a good pace.

While that was removed a few months ago, it looks like another ‘fast farm’ exploit is back!


Actually, it has been back for a while now, and one man who is doing it down to a tee is FaZe tfue. He released a video a couple of weeks back showing how you use the exploit to get ahead of everyone else.

What do you do?

If you have the wave emote, set that at emote locker 1 and then, on PC only, bind that to right mouse. Then when farming, you quickly switch between the emotes and the pickaxe; allowing you to gather materials much faster than usual.

Will I get banned though?

In my opinion, it’s a possibility. How they would find out we don’t know, considering they’ve not even found my building macro yet (that’s between you and me though).

However, if you are a bit of a sensible Sam and don’t want to fear the wrath of Epic Games then you should heed the warnings of Epic representative Lynx.

Lynx replied to a Discord chat, pretty much saying that it could be a bannable offence.

It’s an exploit and we do not approve using it. It may be our fault, but it takes very specific deliberate action to use that’s not something a user can repeatedly do accidentally. It’s exactly the same as getting underground using a cart

But should I do it?

Honestly, it is entirely different from getting under the map, isn’t it? I mean Myth did the other mining exploit all the time until it got removed and guess what, he hasn’t been banned.

Final thoughts?

Sure, it is cheap but it will get removed so use the Fortnite fast farm glitch while you can.

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