Is the Famas better than the SCAR? I think it could be…

The Famas has been in Fortnite for less than a day at the time of writing, but thanks to random luck, I’ve been able to play with it plenty in that short timespan. I spent a good four hours playing last night, with the hopeful optimism that I might get a few goes with the latest weapon.

Incredibly, in all but two games I managed to come across the Famas, really allowing me to get to grips with the gun.

Pretty handy, because now I can give you all my full and honest review of the addition to the Fortnite arsenal.

How rare is it?

I don’t know if I was just lucky or not but I was coming across both the Epic and Legendary versions of the Famas in just about every game. In fact, the first game I played, I found a Legendary Famas just laying on the floor in a basement.

Luck plays a massive part when looting, but you should be able to come across one eventually – even if the rarity is supposed to be high.

How does it feel?

It feels almost like a cross between the DMR from the Halo franchise, and the Famas from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – which is a hazardous combination. If you have good enough aim, you will be able to one-shot kill most players, assuming if you hit them in the head a bit.

Failing that, two bursts will take down tough player, even with shields.

Is it better than the SCAR?

It is all about personal preference really, but I would say yes. While new weapon flaunts a lower fire rate, less damage, less damage per second, and slower reloads than the SCAR, there is a good reason to pick it up; accuracy.

If you think that you have good enough aim to reliably hit your targets, then you will be better off with the Famas than the SCAR, in my opinion.

What is bad about it?

As much as I like it, it certainly has some negatives.

Like any Epic or Legendary weapons, you expect them to be like a literal Golden Gun from the N64 game, 007 Goldeneye. Those unrealistic expectations that you’re always going to be one-shot killing a player can put you in a little bit of trouble.

This gun is good, but don’t ever get complacent.

Another downside is the top rail – a design feature on the real life weapon to allow for scopes and sights to be attached. Potentially, this could mean that we will get a red dot on it in the future, but for now, it can be a little off-putting unless you change your field of view.

Any tips?

A general tip, and one I’d suggest to any new players to Fortnite; change the mouse DPI/sensitivity. While this may seem like personal preference, a lower DPI will allow for better aim, and if you learn to move your arm rather than your wrist, you will be a lot more accurate.

Clearly, this is something that is a considerable advantage for an accurate weapon, such as the Famas. With that being said, don’t be afraid to hip-fire the burst rifle, especially at close range.

Final thoughts

This is all down to what a player likes in their weapons, and in my years of playing shooters, I’ve always liked burst weapons. However, the Famas is already a lot better performing than other burst weapons formerly in the game.

Certainly worth picking it up if you come across one, but should you switch it for a SCAR? Well, that’s very much up to you.

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