You know that you want a Fortnite drum gun review!

We’ve been waiting for this one for over a week now, the Drum Gun is now in Fortnite. With it being an easy weapon to come by and one that uses standard ammo type, we were all expecting this weapon to help change up the meta.

Well, I had a quick play with it in a few games to get to grips and bring you a day one review; it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

We now have seven weapons that use medium ammo, so it is going to require some thought into what you want to use. However, we would suggest that in the current meta, you don’t even need an assault rifle, with a silenced SMG good enough – in combination with a sniper or thermal scope.

So, where does the Drum Gun fit in then?

Well, the best way to describe it is as an almost brainless addition, but in a good way. The great thing about it is you can use it in two ways; you can spray and pray, or tap it and take advantage of its high-damage.

However, if you can manage the recoil, then spray and pray is almost always your best bet because you put out so much damage so quickly. This might be harder with a controller, but with a mouse, I didn’t really have any problem with it.

The other technique is one I use with the LMG, where you tap fire it rather than spray as you would. You’re almost looking to fire it as fast as you can before the recoil kicks in. This proved to be very useful as well, but more so at more extended ranges rather than close to midranges.

Final thoughts?

You can definitely use this weapon instead of a traditional assault rifle, but you could easily use it rather than an SMG or even shotgun in the early game. Would I choose it over a Scar or Famas? Well, probably not – but as a gimmick, it works quite well.

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