Fortnite double pump nerf, and we hardly got to know your power…

Well, we did and it was absolutely the worst and made me rage more than you can ever imagine, but you’re being nerfed and that’s the main thing.

However, if you were one of those villains who loved using double pumps and you’re now feeling a little bit naked and like you’ll actually have to build or have good aim to succeed at Fortnite, then don’t worry.

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It turns out, that we’ve been forgetting about loads of other really powerful combos, that used in the right situation is totally going to give you some EZ mode kills, that’s an Elecspo guarantee.

So, with the Fortnite double pump nerf inbound, you might as well start getting used to a new meta which is totally going to rock your world.

1. Pump +SMG


Honestly, this is so strong and is pretty much a guaranteed kill unless the internet gods are against you and give you some huge lag.

The basic premise is, shoot with the pump one, then switch to your SMG – you’ll want a tactical one otherwise this won’t work quite so well.

Obviously, if you’re nailing headshots over and over again, you won’t really need to do this, but all you need to do is crack them with the pump for up to 90, then SMG them for 16-18 per shot, EZ mode.

This appears to be the meta which has taken Twitch by storm and most big streamers have cottoned on to just how powerful this tactic is – with the likes of Myth and Ninja both commenting on its power.

In fact, the best part about this, is the tactical SMGs have recently been set to only drop green, blue or purple, so you’re always going to have a great time with them combined with a pump.


Who cares if Fortnite double pump nerf is coming, when you can do this?!

2. Double revolver


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Bit of a joke with this one but it is actually quite good, especially with the change to medium ammo and the buffs it should get if the shooting test is ever implemented.

Again, really easy to do, but like any double action, you’re always sacrificing something  -whether that be meds, shields or whatever else.

Anyway, you probably want to do this with a green or blue revolver and shoot and quickly switch between the two to do between 57 and 60 damage or 150 for a headshot and then anything to the body would finish them off.

This one is a bit harder than double pumping, but honestly, once you get the hack of it, it is a lot of fun and you do actually feel a little like Dirty Harry, and that’s surely a good thing, right?

3. Scoped AR and SMG

via epic games

These two got buffed so much that you will see a lot of people using them, especially in the early meta before they are properly kitted out with Scars and snipers. Again, it’s a really easy premise to get your head around:

One headshot and one body shot will do 51, follow that by a spray of the SMG – any tactical one will do — and you’ll be getting kills for days. Now, obviously there is a bit of a range limit on the SMG, but for medium to close range, you should be shreading people.

Probably the best thing about this combo is if you do damage with the scoped AR and get pushed, the SMG will get you out of any sticky situation if you can land shots.

So there we are, have fun breaking the new Fortnite meta and making people really, really mad. Though, to be honest, none of these is as powerful as double pumping ever was…thank god for that!

Fortnite double pump nerf doesn’t mean you can’t still destroy fools in cheesy ways…


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