David Meyler’s Fornite squad is bonkers!

We’ve all got our dream team on Fortnite. The guys you can always rely on to have your back if you’re down or need some extra equipment.

Then again, there are the less than brilliant players who build slower than your nan. And I’ll be honest; I’m not entirely sure where professional footballer and FIFA-Tuber, David Meyler’s stands.

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I mean, if it was regarding football, it wouldn’t be a terrible four-man squad, even if Meyler’s Hull City are having a stinker this season. The Irish international took to Twitter to reveal what his dream Team is on Fortnite, and it is actually a little odd.

Yep, David Meyler plays Fortnite with Ciaran Clark, Pedro and Wayne Rooney! How on earth does a group like that even get together?! Well, we guess that is the power of Fortnite, always bringing people together, regardless of if you’re a Championship player or a World Cup winner.

Oh, and they won!


As you can imagine, there was plenty of chatter on Twitter about the group and just how odd it was.

And here are some of the best reactions to David Meyler’s Fornite squad.

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