We all want to know who is the best Fornite player, but with 48 million active players, it makes it a little harder.

So, let’s cut that down to who we think the five best Fortnite players who also stream on Twitch.

Really, to stream you need to either be super entertaining or really good at the game you’re playing. Some of these on the list are both – while others are just stupidly good players.

With that being said, who do we think are the five best Fortnite players?

1. FaZe Tfue

For someone who is a ‘no skin’, this guy really knows how to rack up the kills.

He is always getting 15+ kills, whilst making building and editing look very easy. Though he was recently beaten in the weekly Fortnite tournament by Ninja, his all-around skills might just top Ninja’s. He is known for finding some cheeky exploits, such as fast-farming and ghost peaking, which isn’t so cool.

2. Ninja

I mean, he has an 11 kill to death ratio, which is pretty crazy. He also does all this whilst having one of the most entertaining streams around. Thanks to his history as a Halo pro player, he has great aim and all-around good skills.

3. Svennoss

He only started streaming in October of 2017 but is already at 130,000 followers. While that is impressive, it is nowhere near as impressive as his Fortnite stats; the second most wins of all time!

He shows you just how aggressive you need to be to get high-kill games and what you need to do when playing against passive players.

4. Myth

The best builder on Fortnite? Probably! One thing is for sure, he was one of the first to show what the building mechanic could be used to do.

Sure, he might fall to his death, but the speed in which he builds, combined with just how good he is at shooting makes him a true top tier player.

5. Sypherpk

The final name on this list was a tough one, with the likes of Dakotaz, Daequan and Ali-A all being up there. However, SypherPK is a fantastic builder and an even better editor, with the ability to rack up 20 kill games easily.

Interestingly, he is also able to do all of this while educating viewers and fans about how and why he does certain things.

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