The long-awaited Fortnite Playground has now been released thanks to v.4.5, and it is impressive.

Fans have been calling for a way to enjoy the game at their own pace; practice building, perfect shooting, and have lots of fun doing so. Well, their calls have been answered.

The Playground LTM is going to act in Minecraft style, allowing players to really get their creative juices flowing. Who knows what magnificent structures players will create?

We cannot wait to make some of our own cool buildings – and mess about, of course.

Most importantly, we can finally figure out who the best Fortnite player amongst our group is (it’s me).  We bet you’re equally hyped to prove how much you carry your mates to victory.

Even more exciting; if you have a pro or semi-pro team, you can get involved in doing proper scrimmages, practising for duos or solos.

It all sounds brilliant, right? Well, we’ve got some more info to get you going in the Fortnite Playground.

How do materials work?

In the patch notes, Epic Games revealed that farming will give you ten times more resources than usual, so you will never run out.

There is no suggestion that you have unlimited space for materials, but being able to farm so quickly you should have no problem in hitting that skybox.

What about chests?

Incredibly, every single chest that has the potential to spawn, will! That means that you could go to tilted towers and get every single chest. You will be entirely looted up within minutes.

Will there be Llamas?

Yep – in fact, there will be 100 over them around the map!

How does the game mode work?

It has a 1-hour time-limit, and for the first 55 minutes, there will be no storm. In the final five minutes, players will be able to die to the storm as it closes in. Once killed by the storm, players won’t be able to respawn.

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