Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass is coming!

For a free game, Fortnite sure knows how to secure all my pennies, and I don’t even care.

Season 2’s Battle Pass was a huge success, with just about everyone wanting to secure that Black Knight to strike fear into the eyes of just about anyone that comes across it.

And Epic has revealed everything we need to know about Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass which has already got my wallet weeping.

New look Season 3 Battle Pass. Via Epic

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So what will you actually be getting from buying the latest Battle Pass? Well, a whole load of stuff! In fact, there are 30 news items to unlock by completing challenges and, well being awesome…like me.

This time around, we’ve got six new outfits, including a rather brilliant spaceman suit, but we’re not sure what the new Black Knight will be.

There will also be:

Pickaxes: 3
Emotes: 4
Gliders: 3
Back Blings:3
Skydiving FX Trails: 5
Loading Screens: 8
Banners: 23
Emoticons: 21

While obviously none of these have any effect on the actual gameplay, they will make you look all sorts of cool. I for one cannot wait to get hold of some new skydiving FX trails and bling for my backpack!

New challenges

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass challenges
via Epic/Fortnite

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While you were left with daily challenges – some that did seem a little over the top and sometimes annoying if you don’t play every day.

Well, now, Fortnite has implemented weekly challenges! These weekly challenges will stack so you’ll have the length of the Battle Pass to complete them, giving you the best chance to unlock absolutely everything!

In fact, you can choose which challenges you take on, picking four out of seven from that week. So no more sniper challenges if you miss just about every shot…like me.

According to the post on Fortnite’s site, they claim it will take between 75 to 150 hours… perfect way to spend your free time.

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass, I absolutely cannot wait!

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