The Fortnite ATK is totally amazing!

While the shopping cart may have been a lot of fun, it’s going be quickly forgotten; all thanks to the addition of the All-Terrain Kart.

I managed to sneak three games in last night and was lucky enough to get to grips with the new item – and boy, it is a lot of fun.

The most straightforward way was to jump into a 50 vs 50; that way I can do some exploring and testing without really having to worry about getting killed.

Thankfully, I landed at Paradise Palms, which has replaced Moisty Mire and is the first area in the game with dessert. There (and at Lazy Links), you will find the All-Terrain Karts – which can carry up to four players; two in the front, two in the back.

So, here is everything I figured out while using the carts as a driver and a passenger.

You can do damage to structures

Yep, you can drive at someone’s building and do damage to it. You won’t do much – I’m guessing about 50 damage – and you will take on damage yourself too.

You can do damage to the Kart

Like the Shopping Kart, the ATK is pretty sturdy and will take a bit of abuse, but it does have a breaking point. I found that it could survive a rocket, but a few shots later and it was done for.


You can use bounce pads with it

Of course, I had to try this! Shopping carts plus bounce pads are incredibly fun, but the ATK is even better.

You can go over them at such speed, so you get propelled pretty darn high in the air.

You can shoot from them

It is hard, but the back passengers can fire, something which I took advantage of during my first game.

They don’t do damage to players

Honestly, I went out of my way to hit someone to see if I could kill them. Unfortunately, they just seem to bounce off you a bit. They don’t take any damage, but if you could somehow knock them into a trap or off a cliff, then you would be a total god.

hitting rifts in the new karts is extremely satisfying from FortNiteBR

They can go through portals

Portals are the games newest addition and they are really weird. Incredibly, you can go through them in the Kart, but beware – it is super buggy.

They are good but not OP

They are a lot of fun and an exciting way to get around the map without using launch pads, but don’t be expecting to go on killing sprees with them.

I cannot wait to see what some people can end up doing with them!

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