Seriously, this is how to always win in Fortnite!

Okay, here we go again… Fortnite! Hey, winning in Fortnite is great but it is just getting there that is the problem. I mean you have to potentially face off against 99 other players and deal with the storm, without dying.

In my time playing, I’ve managed to get a fair few wins. Some have been 20 kill games where I have felt like a god, while others were more sneaking around the map and playing like a bit of a jerk. However, I have won, and that is the main thing, it doesn’t matter how you get the job done, as long as you get that big W.

Which brings us nicely on to this video which totally revolutionised my thoughts about how to win in Fortnite. I don’t think I need to think about being tactical or even know how to shoot people, when I can just do what KrcyPlays did.

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Yep, during a game of 50v50, he cleverly decided not to bother with picking up weapons but instead went for healing items only. To do this tactic, you will need the following:

  • 3 Full Heals
  • 15 – 30 bandages
  • Slurp juices
  • 3+ campfires
  • Lots of patience

And that’s it! Just live long enough to get to the storm, then sit in there and keep healing. You will probably need to do this in something like 50v50, so enough items drop for you to consume during your time in the storm. Just remember; don’t try this in the Infinity Gauntlet game mode, otherwise, you will die instantly as that storm damages for 50 health per second in the final circle!

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