Are Dusty Divot new buildings on their way?

According to IGN, we will be getting three considerable changes to the Fortnite map in the latest update. Version 4.5 will affect the way that Dusty Divot, Tilted Towers, and the Villains lair will function.

Throughout Season 4, we have seen significant changes to the map. These included new named places and big changes to previous areas.

Dusty Divot was changed to the point where it was almost unrecognisable; a huge crater and some research centre’s in the middle.

Tilted wasn’t entirely so different, with just a few buildings destroyed or under construction, while the Villain’s lair only had a new area added.

With just a few weeks left of Season 4, Epic is now making some changes to the map – which is certainly a little interesting.

Dusty Divot

via IGN

According to the IGN map, there appear to be four new Dusty Divot buildings, and it looks like we’ve got some more trees growing. Dusty has been a hot spot for players who want high kill games and lots of chests, so these new buildings should make it very interesting.

Tilted Towers

via IGN

Tilted was nowhere near as damaged as Dusty but there were some changes at the start of this season. The difference here sees the large crater now filled in with a new building, giving us another big reason to land at Titled… if you think you can survive.

Villain’s Lair

One that we have talked about in recent weeks, IGN has the rocket now missing from the lair. We believe that the missile will destroy the entire island come Season 5 leaving us in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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