Is this the gamemode that makes Fortnite esports realistic?
Ah Fortnite, you know how to make me feel things again.

With the regular updates, patches and new additions to the game, it’s hard not to love this gem.

And it looks like the latest Limited Time Mode could just be what we think will be what competitive Fortnite may look like. The ‘Solid Gold LTM’ gives players the ability only to find legendary weapons. Naturally, you can still pick up shield potions and launch pad etc., but the surely this is how Epic will do Fortnite when it becomes an esport.

While part of the fun of Fortnite is the complete randomness to what you loot, having every weapon as a legendary would undoubtedly change the meta. It speeds up the mid-game because well, everyone is packing the goods and it would level the playing field.

Solid Gold

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At the moment, competitive Fortnite looks like it may just boil down to who can get the most kills at Tilted Towers to secure all the loot. However, with everyone being on a level playing field, it will become more about their aim and building ability rather than something so random as looting.

With the game mode not expected to stick around for very long, this could be a perfect chance for the Fortnite team to test it and receive community feedback.

Oh and the most significant part of this game mode is, no shotguns! Yep, thank god there is no legendary pump or tac otherwise I think a lot of people would be pulling out their hair.

This change to the game allows for more exciting fights rather than just rushing in with a shotgun and one-shotting people.

Hopefully, this will be the way Fortnite esports can become a proper thing and we cannot wait for it.

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