Is Fortnite esports finally on its way?

There have been some great Limited Game Modes added to Fortnite in the past few months.

Starting with the 50v50, ‘Splodes Only’ and most recently with the inclusion of the Blitz game mode.

More exciting than PUBG?

It’s in this mode that Fortnite’s competitive future could really lie. One thing that we have seen from any competitive Battle Royale, is that it can actually be a little dull in the mid-game. This was something that the PUBG tournaments have suffered from in recent months.

However, the Blitz mode really does kick every player in the backside and make them truly consider just how long they have to loot, build or fight.

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Now, previously we had mentioned that the Gold only game mode might really suit the esports crossover, however, it didn’t quite resolve the pacing problems.

As for Blitz, well, not only is the storm already in place before you have finished jumping out of the battle bus, but you get so much loot! Nevertheless, there is still a discrepancy between weapons – some having a gold scar while others are left with a white burst.

With that being said, the absolute madness and speed of which Blitz plays is what makes it not only a great mode to play, but also an excellent watch. Oh, and the fact that there is an absolute abundance of materials means you can do so much building, your keyboard will start to wear!

Do you think Blitz mode will become the standard for Fortnite esports? Let us know in the comment section below.

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