There are new weapons coming to Fortnite, yes!

Just when we thought that Fortnite couldn’t be any better to us, they might have gone and change the game again.

All according to some rather cleverclogs, who have jumped into some patch notes to reveal some possible future weapons.

While we have only just got over the inclusion of the likes of the mini-gun, hand-cannon and hunting rifle, we might just be having a whole host of new items.

However, a lot of these weapons are actually from the Save The World game mode, but they may just make an appearance in the Battle Royale mode.

Fortnite Hunting Rifle review – Everything you need to know about the new weapon

There are actually dozens of weapons in the STW mode, from swords and cricket bats, to a laser sniper.

According to these notes, these are the new weapons coming to Fortnite that we could be seeing in the future.


Auto Shotty – Legendary
Shotgun: Automatic. Fires a wide spread of pellets at an extreme rate of fire. Can decimate crowds at a significant ammo cost.
Hammercrush – Legendary
Assault Weapon: Slug Gun. A rifle that fires slugs with high damage and impact. Good accuracy, but relatively slow rate of fire, and high per-bullet cost.
Break Action Shotgun – Legendary, Epic
Shotgun: Break-Action. Deals high damage at a fast fire rate. Short range and very limited magazine size.
Light-Machine Gun – Legendary, Epic
Assault Weapon: Light Machine Gun. A heavy weapon with high damage, an extreme rate of fire, and a huge magazine size. Very inaccurate unless aiming down sights from a fixed position, and firing in short bursts.
M249 Saw – Epic, Rare
Assault Weapon: Hydraulic. A slow firing high impact automatic rifle with a large magazine.
Precision Rifle – Epic, Rare, Uncommon
Assault Weapon: Burst. An assault rifle that fires tight bursts that allow for precise targeting in mobile mid-range engagements. Deals good damage, but consumes its magazine very quickly.

Screenshot via Fortnite Save The World

New Traps and Consumables

Air-Strike Laser – Legendary
Mark a location to deliver an Air Strike with 4 Bomb payload.
MOAB – Legendary
Launches a tiny rocket that makes a big BOOM!
Bottle Rocket – Rarity Unkown
Hurls a grenade. bang bang!
Concussion Mine – Uncommon
Deals damage and slows nearby enemies when triggered
Energy Crystals – Epic
Not to be confused with healing crystals.
Durr Burger Helmet – Rare
A corporate mascot helmet that protects from a single instance of critical damage. Durr!
Backpack – Rare
Increases inventory size.
Beehive Grenade – Rare
Big Poppy – Epic
A self-inflating balloon that demands personal space.

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