How to win at Fortnite? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Winning at Fortnite may sound incredibly daunting at first, especially if you’re watching guys like Ninja destroy with a 20+ kill game.

However, like all games, you have to think small to then think big and practice will only make you better. That being said, if you really want a win then maybe we can help you out with some basics that can even help more experienced players hunting for their first Victory Royale.

Now, obviously, you need to take in other factors, such as your aim and building techniques but these tips should work.

1. Where to land

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As we have said in our ‘Where to land’ piece, you must absolutely not go to Tilted Towers. I’m dead serious, if you want the odds in your favour, go somewhere less populated.

In fact, you can follow my lead and go to one of my new favourite spots for solos, one of the new shrines added in the latest patch. This one is located just north-west of Dusty Depot, west of Tomato Town and south of Anarchy Acres. Landing here should give you up to three chests, which is fantastic.

There are downsides to landing here though, sometimes you can end up with no chests, then you’re left rushing towards Loot Lake outskirts.

If you’re a team, then landing at the Moisty Mire is a great call. Sometimes you can end up with a whopping six chests, plus a stupid amount of wood which will set you up for the mid-game.

3. Shields are key

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Think about it this way, you have your health and it goes to 100. Then you also have a shield bar which goes to 100, so think about it like you can have two lives when in battle.

Always carry a stock of mini shield potions which will give you 25% for each one. In fact, I always carry minis with me, with you being able to carry a max of 10 and use them to get to 50% max shields.

Why are these so good if they only give 25% at a time? Well, these can be popped in just 2 seconds, meaning you will have some help when getting into a fight.

Finally, don’t be afraid to have a chug-jug even if you have close to max health. Not only does it give you 100% health, but 100% shields as well. As explained earlier, max shields are important, so if you find yourself with one and no other options, don’t be worried about taking it.

How to win at Fortnite? probably try keeping the minis on your at all time though.

3. The Circle

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Winning if you’re not confident, then it is all down to how you move into the circle. However, one thing you must absolutely not be is scared of it.

Sure, it damages you, but you need to time when you push the circle. Push it too soon and you end up in the middle of the circle with about 50 other players coming towards you…not good.

However, if you push it too late and you might get picked off by people waiting for you. That being said, pushing it later is better if you want to play passively.

The other key tip is to try and stick to the side of the circle so you always know that there is unlikely to be anyone behind you.

4. Time your shots

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Don’t spot anyone and think that you should start spraying them with everything you have. In fact, unless you know you have the drop on someone and they’re close enough that you think you’ll get them, then don’t bother shooting.

If you’re asking ‘How to win at Fortnite’ then maybe you need to do the most important thing while shooting, time your shots. This is probably most important with the assault rifles. Try and tap them to allow your reticle to reset so you don’t fall foul to the very, very annoying ‘bloom’.

However, but do remember that if someone is building, then in order to knock down their stuff you are absolutely ok to spray and pray.

5. Build

If you’re playing on PC, then map your stairs and or your walls to your mouse buttons, it makes life so much easier.

Also, whenever you get into a battle, look to always build – whether it be a wall and stairs or a full-on Fort Knox of a base.

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Don’t be afraid to put down traps and absolutely don’t worry about building up to areas.

Want any more tips? Seriously just watch Myth and look in awe and if you’re wonder how to win at Fortnite? Then watching this guy will help you.

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