Are these the best Fortnite clips?

Who doesn’t love watching Fortnite clips, especially when people are pulling off plays that mere humans like me could only dream of?

Well, we’re back with another look at what some of the best players around have been up to on the super popular battle royale. In the past, we have seen some excellent clips from massive steamers and YouTubers to even some randomers like us.

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So here are five great clips from the weekend.

Let’s Go!

Ah, another Guided missile clip, but this one is pretty tasty. I mean we got to see King Richard self-rocket ride himself and pull off a delicious headshot with a sniper from miles away.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

Ninja bullies Myth

This isn’t a great play or anything but it is quite funny as poor Myth gets bullied by Ninja with boogie bombs and impulse grenades.

What just happened?

I’ve watched this so many times and yet I still don’t entirely know what happened here. What I do know is that it looks very, very stylish and who doesn’t want to be stylish.

Proof that shotguns are broken

Again, not a play, but something which needs to be shown because the shotguns in Fortnite are SO broken at the moment! A headshot from mere inches away that does 59 damage with a blue shotgun… FIFTY-NINE DAMAGE!

100% accuracy is op

You know how shotguns are broken? Yeah, well the first shot accuracy is also kind of borked as well, especially with a hand cannon!