Yep, these are the Fortnite skins toxic players use and we hate them!

There are several types of gamers in the world. From casuals, pub-stompers and the dreaded tryhards to the complete noobs. However, the worst of the worst are those players that are super toxic. They play cheap, and they will try and make you choke or get mad.

You will definitely come across these type of players in every game, but especially Fortnite. Thankfully, there is an easy way for you to figure out which Fortnite players are likely to be toxic.

So, what makes a toxic Fortnite player? Well, expect lots of explosive spam, boxing themselves in rather than fighting, dancing when they knock you and thirsting you rather than finishing off their fight.

How do you spot them then? Well, by their skins of course! Here are five skins that Toxic players use in Fortnite.

1. Zoey

via Epic Games

I despise this skin. Not only is it over-sexualised but you just know anyone using it is a bit of a douchebag. Most Zoey’s you come across will thirst you like mad and will go out of their way to kill you rather than finishing the fight with the rest of your team.

2. Drift

via epic games

This is a super common skin at the moment, and most lobbies are full of players using it. The one I see the most is the red jacket style, and when I do see it, I know there will be some severe cheese coming my way. It is weird, but a lot of players who use this skin all play in the same fashion. Sticking together at all costs and hunting in a bleach-blonde pack of douchebags.

3. Rust Lord

via epic games

Similar to the Drift skin, it seems everyone who uses this, hunts in packs. Very popular throughout Season 3 and some Guardians of the Galaxy fanboys are pretty adamant on sticking by it. These type of players are the ones who will likely keep fighting you in the storm and would instead take you down with them than not at all.

4. Skull Trooper

via epic games

Don’t get me wrong; it is and always will be a fresh skin. Heck, who wouldn’t want to look like a Cobra Kai member at the Halloween party in Karate Kid?

However, the type of players that usually use this skin are the ones that think they are better than you.

Because they have been playing for so long, they will likely try and build as quickly as possible and do anything to get the kill.

5. The fake No skin

Of course! Now, I currently run a no skin because, well I’m pretty toxic. In fact, I use the no skin to get an advantage, and I don’t feel sorry for it.

However, I can understand just how annoying it is to face a fake no skin. When you see a no skin, you think “noob, easy kill!”, so you push or take a shot you shouldn’t.

Bad news though, the player isn’t bad at all, you’ve jebaited you into making a mistake and will now punish you at all costs.

Remember folks, never underestimate a no skin.