Another weekend of Fortnite action to stew over and there have been plenty of exciting changes to the game, thanks to the v.3.5 patch.

That being said, the ‘nerfs’ to weapon changing and switching from weapons to building hasn’t stopped any of these players from picking up some rather incredible clips.

Port-a-Fort review: Is it really the most overpowered thing to happen to the game?

As always, here are five fantastic clips from some of the best Fornite players and streamers around.

1. Myth’s port-a-fort play

Many believed the Port-a-fort was another crutch added for poor players to help them ‘git gud’. However, when you’re doing plays like young Myth did here, how can you be mad?


2. Dat Colat’

Who doesn’t like hitting collaterals? I mean many Call of Duty players gained huge popularity through doing it as 1337 sn1perz. However, on Fortnite, it is a little harder. Well, it is actually a lot harder, but that didn’t stop Ninja from doing it to pick up the victory!


3. The new Launch Pad meta

I’ve seen launch pads used pretty strangely, but this play by Dakotaz was almost 1000 IQ levels.

I didn’t realise that the launch pad kicks up smoke and if you drop it indoors, it makes you almost impossible to hit. Is this amongst the best fortnite clips of all time? Yes, yes it absolutely is!

4. Asked to the Prom?

I mean, I already feel like I’m dying and going to be sick but this might have pushed me over the edge…

Shotguns are still broken

Remember the other week when I found the clip that proved Shotguns are broken entirely? Yeah, well this might cement it. It appears that he hits him for 209 and doesn’t kill him! 209!

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