While some Fortnite Christmas Skins were leaked earlier this week, many more Fortnite S7 leaks have since come out. These include new Christmas and Winter skins, gliders, and pickaxes. New wraps and emotes are also coming to the game this Holiday season. Here are all the new Fortnite 7.10 leaks.

Fortnite S7 Leaks – New Fortnite Winter Skins

New Fortnite 7.10 Winter and Christmas skins were revealed on Reddit by u/Fortniteleaks.

These include:

  • Frozen Raven Skin
  • Frozen Love Ranger Skin
  • Cloaked Shadow Skin
  • Frozen Red Knight Skin
  • Prodigy Skin
  • Maven Skin
  • Tinseltoes Skin

The Prodigy skin is a free PlayStation Plus skin available now. The others will likely be seen in the shop throughout the 14 Days of Fortnite event this December.

Fortnite S7 Leaks – New Fortnite Gliders and Wraps

Some new Fortnite Season 7 Gliders, Wraps, and a new Pet were also shown on Reddit by u/Fortniteleaks.

The new items include:

  • Paper Plane Glider
  • Equalizer Glider
  • Gingersled Glider
  • Disco Wrap
  • Candy Cane Wrap
  • Merry Munchkin Pet

Players will be able to get in the Holiday spirit with a Christmas-themed wrap for their guns and vehicles. Not to mention a Gingerbread Man pet and some great new gliders.

Fortnite S7 Leaks – Harvesting Tools

The Reddit leaks also include a lot of new Fortnite Season 7 pickaxes or harvesting tools.

These include:

  • Snow Globe Pickaxe
  • Cold Snap Pickaxe
  • Flurry Pickaxe
  • Virtue Pickaxe
  • Uni-Horn Pickaxe
  • Brat Catcher Pickaxe
  • Vision Pickaxe
  • Frozen Axe Pickaxe
  • Bootstraps Pickaxe
  • Cookie Cutter Pickaxe
  • T-Square Pickaxe
  • Inverted Blade Pickaxe

The Holiday season continues with these Winter and Christmas Harvesting Tools.

Fortnite S7 Leaks – Back Blings

New Fortnite Back Blings have also been found, fitting in with many of the other Winter Fortnite Cosmetics.

These include:

  • Frozen Iron Cage Back Bling
  • Frozen Love Wings Back Bling
  • Shadow Wings Back Bling
  • Frozen Red Shield Back Bling
  • Tabulator Back Bling
  • Techie Back Bling
  • Combat Wreath Back Bling

Fortnite S7 Leaks – Emotes

Finally, new Fortnite Season 7 emotes have also been unveiled by FortniteLeaks.

These are as follows:

  • Cheer Up Emote
  • Crackdown Emote
  • Lazy Shuffle Emote
  • Clean Groove Emote
  • Unwrapped Emote
  • Mind Blown Emote
  • Take The Elf Emote
  • Shaolin Sit-Up Emote

All in all, it looks like there’ll be tons for players to buy in the Fortnite shop throughout December. You can also check out the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges Leaks for more on the Challenges, Rewards, and LTMs you can expect throughout the season.

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