Come on then, what are the lowest rated games of all time?

What makes a truly terrible game? Well, that is a very hard question, especially when there are so, so many games that are just the worst.

That being said, we can figure out what the worst of the worst are thanks to Metacritic. Now, most of what they rank on that site is a little dodgy, but I’ll trust them when it comes to what the worst games are.

And oh boy, are they bad. So what are the five lowest rated games on the site? Well, I had the displeasure of looking through it – and playing some of these – to find out the worst of the worst.

1. Vroom In The Night Sky

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Metacritic describes this as ‘Vroom in the night sky is a magical bike action game’. Amazing, but that is basically what it is and guess what? It is truly awful.

It looks like it was made for the PS1 – which to be honest is unfair on the PS1. So what is this game about? Well, I have absolutely no idea but it sort of looks like an RPG, just a really bad one.

2. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

A bad Leisure Suit Larry game?! Surely not! This creepy pervert has been making us all feel weird for 30 years now! Incredibly, despite being mostly hated by gamers and critics alike, they still keep getting made!

And this 2009 edition is recognised as not only one of the worst in the series but one of the worst games of all time, at least according to Metacritic.

Fun fact, the chap who wrote this trash also wrote many Adam Sandler Films including Big Daddy, Little Nicky and Sandy Wexler… everything makes sense now.

3. Yaris

Hey, I quite like the Toyota Yaris. That being said, do you know what I don’t like? Video games based on the Toyota Yaris! Yep, why Toyota thought that investing into a pile of garbage like this, I have no idea.

The reason why anyone plays racing games is so they can drive cars they could never dream of affording. So getting to drive a 4-door sedan isn’t quite so sexy, is it?

I have had the displeasure of playing this, and everything about it is regrettable. From the graphics to the controls, which feel like they were designed by someone who had never played a game before.

4. Ride to Hell: Retribution

Hahahahahaha. Honestly, this was the worst game I have played in a very, very long time. From terrible acting, plot, dialogue that a five-year-old could have written – to some of the worst graphics for a seventh-gen console.

It has a user rating on Metacritic of 1.1 which seems a little high in my opinion.

5. Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade

If this game came out on the Wii, then it wouldn’t be so terrible. Sadly though, it didn’t, and it came out for the WiiU which is a little confusing considering it looks so poorly outdated.

Annoying voice acting and little to no fun despite it being a PARTY GAME, it is worth playing though, just because of how terrible it is.

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