The new Virtus Pro jersey was revealed today, with brand new green and purple colors in contrast to the iconic orange and white.

The rebranding comes as part of Virtus Pro’s new sponsorship deal with MegaFon, a Russian telecom company with green and purple branding. A video posted on Twitter compares the team to heroes like The Green Lantern and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Virtus Pro also announced that they’re extending their Dota 2 team’s contracts until 2019. The team have already won three premier events this year. They’ll be repping the new Virtus Pro colors at The International 2018 starting next week.

Virtus Pro Dota 2 Team Ready for TI 2018

We’ll first see the new Virtus pro jersey at Dota 2’s major event of the year, The International 2018. Top teams will be in attendance to battle it out for an enormous prize pool of almost $23.8 million!

Team Liquid knocked out Virtus Pro in the Loser’s Bracket just before the semi-finals in The International 2017. However, VP are the top-ranking team going into TI 2018, having won three premier events this year.

The International 2018 starts 20th August, so look out for Virtus Pro to take on top teams like Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming.

Twitter Reacts to New Virtus Pro Jersey

The orange and white team colors have become almost synonymous with the Virtus Pro brand in esports, so the new jersey colors took a lot of people by surprise.

Natus Vincere responded with a video lamenting the loss of their orange/yellow tinted brothers.

Pasha Biceps of the Virtus Pro CS:GO team, on the other hand, is looking forward to looking like The Hulk.

There’s been a lot of interesting news for VP recently. From Snatchie joining the Virtus Pro CS:GO Team to their championship Dota 2 team being re-signed, it looks to be a good 2018 for VP- no matter what colors they’re wearing.

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