Wondering what the best ELEAGUE PREMIER clips are? Well, we’ve got them here!

Day 2 at ELEAGUE PREMIER was another superb day filled with dirty plays and the return of Olofmeister for FaZe.

Olofmeister had been out of action since April, but that didn’t stop FaZe from being impressed at ESL Belohorizonte. With his return, we all thought that FaZe would continue to impress after taking Train against Mouse Sports. Unfortunately, they fell 2-1 after losing Cache and Mirage, but both teams did some very nice plays.

As too did Fnatic and Natus Vincere, and we’ve got three really amazing plays from Day 2.

Draken 1v4 pistol clutch

Fnatic was pretty on point with their pistol game against Na’Vi, but none more so than Draken who pulled off this nasty clutch.


JW is disgusting

Come on JW; these men have families! The knife to S1mple is just disrespectful, and then the two awp’s are just peak CS:GO.

NiKo turns on fools

We’re guessing this will be added to the list of fishy CS players because of just how crazy this is. The turn-on SuNy was absolutely fantastic regardless of the fact he had low health.

Plays, NiKo, plays!

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