Most OP Items in esports?
No matter who you talk to, if they get killed by something in a game, they will probably say it is over-powered.

And really OP stuff is actually rather rare. Obviously, some weapons are very good and in a class above the rest, but OP stuff is almost unstoppable, even in the hands of a total potato.

That being said, over the years, some really ridiculous weapons, items and characters have made their way into not only games but competitive gaming.

And for our money, here are three really OP things briefly allowed in competitive gaming.

1. R8 Revolver – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Any CS:GO player will be having nightmares about this pre-nerf because it was insanely good. I mean, it was as powerful and accurate as an AWP, accurate, had the range of an AK and was just $700.

The R8 wasn’t just OP it was game breaking and for those few days it was available, it was one-tapping fools from miles away. While it was nerfed to the point where it was basically a Deagle it was still good.

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In fact, it wasn’t until 2017 when the R8 was finally removed from competitive along with the much more novelty the Negev. However, those few days when the R8 was literally uncountable were pretty great – as long as you weren’t on the receiving end of it.

Thank god the nerf came though otherwise, this would have been easily one of  the most OP items in esports!

2. Meta Knight – Super Smash Bros

The Super Smash Bros devil that will make you twitch nervously because it really was ridiculous.

In fact, it was so good that it was in fact banned thanks to just how unpopular and stupidly powerful it was. Really, Meta Knight has very few negligible weaknesses so you can see why fans were seriously angry about him being allowed in competitive games.

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In fact, players using Meta Knight in a competitive scene won a whopping $42,394.32 in 2011, compared to just $12,000,000 won by the second most popular character, Snake.

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The problem was so bad with Meta Knight that it was banned from all Unity Ruleset competitions from January 2012 until April 2012. This made Meta Knight alongside Bayonetta the only characters to be banned in SSB.

And that ban is something that is still in place in many tournaments, including any hosted in Italy. These days, it is up to the organisers as to whether or not MK is allowed – though, in doubles it is still banned.

3. Famas – Call of Duty Black Ops

There are plenty of other things you could add here but on personal experience, it’s the Famas for me.

Obviously, the MP40 is the most OP thing ever but for me, facing the Famas in a competitive scenario was just the worst.

Back in the COD Black Ops days, I played a bit of lowly ranked Gamebattles and for me, an AK, Commando or even a Spas were my go-to weapons.

However, every team you came up against, was just Famas, Famas, Famas. Even your team-mates would be using them simply because they don’t want to be outdone by opponents.

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Huge damage, easily manageable recoil and laser-beam accuracy, the Famas was just stupid. Really, it felt like you were at such a disadvantage if you didn’t bother using it.

Ironically though, when I used it, I found I played worse because I would get in a very bad habit of spraying or sometimes stop shooting someone simply because I thought they’d be done.

Famas flashbacks… *shudders*

Do you think these were most OP Items in esports? Let us know in the comments below.