Who knew Neymar plays Counter-Strike…

We all know about how the England team are using Fortnite and FIFA to keep them sane during the World Cup. Now Brazil is also getting in on the act; team Brazil have been enjoying a spot of Counter-Strike.

He might be one of the most disliked players in the world, but Neymar is a huge gamer. He’s known to play a lot of Counter-Strike and PUBG in his spare time.

Neymar Plays Counter-Strike

via Neymar

It looks like he has influenced the rest of his Brazil team-mates, as they joined in the fun following their second-round win over Mexico earlier this week.

Neymar posted this quick story to Instagram showing the players; “Menino Ney”, Gabriel Jesus(J-E-S-U-S), Philippe Coutinho (coutinho11), Willian (WBS) and Casemiro (CasAo).

Sadly, it was at the start of a round, so we didn’t get to see who had picked up the most kills. We’re guessing that Neymar is the top dog both on and off the pitch for Brazil.

One thing we can take away from it was the message he added, which roughly translates to “if there is a celebration… it is obvious that there is a game”. Instead of having a few beers, perhaps the Brazil lads are playing some games… good on them!

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