A new CS:GO Operation Concept has been created by Tibor Miklos, the graphic designer who previously created Operation Blacksun. The new CS:GO operation concept includes new CS:GO maps, skins, updates to CS:GO Danger Zone and even a new CS:GO game mode.

While it looks like the CS:GO developers may be more interested in making individual updates rather than another operation, Miklos makes a convincing concept. Here’s what Operation Turning Tides would look like.

New CS:GO Operation Maps – Breach, Tangerine, Alley

There are plenty of new CS:GO Operation maps Valve could choose from. Miklos’ Operation Turning Tides concept includes newly added maps Biome and Subzero along with Breach, Tangerine, Grind, and Alley.

New CS:GO Operation Maps

CS:GO Turning Tides Case – New CS:GO Operation Skins

The concept also introduces plenty of possible skins for a new CS:GO Operation case. Here are the inclusions.

New CS:GO Operation Skins

  • MP5-SD Threeton Technology
  • M4A4 Biowar
  • Five-SeveN Threeton Technology
  • P90 Gorilla Warfare
  • Glock-18 Oni
  • Desert Eagle Sunburst
  • SCAR-20 Scipio
  • AWP Venom Strike
  • G3SG1 Black Sand
  • PP-Bizon Bamboo
  • Sawed-Off Retro Strike
  • Galil Darkjungle
  • Five-SeveN Compoundx

The Operation would also include the Tigershark Knife, a new CS:GO knife design by Helenek, Oldman, and Puffin. These would all make worthy additions to a new CS:GO operation.

New CS:GO Operation Knife

New CS:GO Danger Zone Map

Miklos also included new additions for Danger Zone in his Operation concept. Operation Turning Tides would include a new Danger Zone map- Insertion 2 by Oskmos.

New CS:GO Danger Zone Map Insertion 2

Along with a campaign that included missions for Danger Zone, this would make for the perfect post-Danger Zone operation.

New CS:GO Game Mode – Heist

The Operation Turning Tides concept also includes a new game mode- Heist. This 5v5 game mode would involve teams trying to pull off a bank heist, exploding the vault and getting away with the money.

New CS:GO Game Mode Heist

The new game mode would also include the classic Counter-Strike 1.6 Riot Shield and Heavy Armor set.

It goes to show the amount of depth a new operation could have, should CS:GO Devs choose to make one. You can view more of Tibor Miklos’ work at his Behance page.

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