CS:GO Stream Teams assemble!

Counter Stike may well be one of the most popular eSport games in the world, but there are a few problems.

With the prominence of Twitch and the big bucks that can attract even the top players to focus more on streaming than actually playing competitively.

In the past, the likes of Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud has decided to move his time more to streaming than playing competitively for Cloud9.

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And one of the reasons – other than being burnt out on the playing for three years with Cloud9; but the main one appears to be that fact he isn’t allowed to stream scrims or qualifiers.

Obviously, teams like Cloud9 don’t want their tactics to be revealed to the entire world…which includes rival teams.

Cloud9 make history as they beat FaZe in ELEAGUE Major:Boston final

However, there could be a way around for streamers to not only get their competitive urges sorted but be able to cast it live for fans.

Twitch’s most followed account, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has mentioned before on stream that he is considering moving back to night time games.

And while Valve obviously has a vested interest in their own tournaments, surely having their game consistently at the top of Twitch would only be a good thing.

Tournaments have easily pulled in over one million active viewers at any one time.

And the likes of Shroud and Summit1g having 40,000 viewers, a move to a Stream Team league could bring in huge numbers and big bucks for all involved.

Streamer tournaments are nothing new but with the sheer volume of viewers on Twitch and the fact that there would be no need for casters and little overheads; could Stream Teams be the next big thing?

What do you think about the possibility of CS:GO Stream Teams or Stream Leagues?

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