While we’ve seen glimpses of the new CS:GO Cache remake, the latest video from FMPONE shows the map in action. Footage of the new A Site shows some interesting changes, including some unique retake possibilities.

CS:GO Cache Remake: New A Site

FMPONE previously showed Twitter an untextured picture of what the A Site will look like. Today, the new video shows us a lot more about how it will look and how it will play.

CT Truck to A Site is much more open. The curved wall gives Counter-Terrorists much better vision and more possibilities for nades. This may make retakes easier, and the map may become more CT-sided overall.

One of the most interesting changes is the ability to self-boost from the truck wall to the light posts. This gives CTs a quick way to get up to the lights and catch T players off guard.

CS:GO Cache Remake Video from FMPONE: New A Site


There’s also a small cubby on the truck wall where players can hide. This can come in useful for site holds on either side. However, FMPONE may remove this before the map’s launch.

The changes definitely breathe some fresh air into the map and allow for some new plays. Previous new Cache leaks showed new textures with more of an overgrown feel to the map. These aren’t shown on the new A site video, but textures will likely be altered before the map releases.

CS:GO Subzero Changes

FMPONE also made some minor fixes to de_subzero. The new updates, available in the Steam Workshop, give players more FPS when playing.

Subzero was recently added to CS:GO as a Casual and Deathmatch map. The new FPS fixes should be added to the main game in the next update.

Meanwhile in CS:GO, players can still enjoy the new Cobblestone map. Although, the Halloween changes may not last for much longer. Whether it will replace Cache in the pro map pool during the Cache remake is yet to be seen.

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