It’s now been over a year since Operation Hydra ended. And while there’s no news of the next CS:GO operation in sight, there are some CS:GO leaks suggesting we could get one soon. But what would a new CS:GO operation entail? Here are 5 potential updates we’d love to see Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Updates We Need In A New CS:GO Operation

1. CS:GO Battle Royale Mode

The Battle Royale craze is taking over. Fortnite and PUBG have become some of the biggest PC games available and games such as Call of Duty and even FIFA are getting in on the Battle Royale trend.

According to leaks, Valve developers are working on a CS:GO Battle Royale mode right now! The new game mode will be called Survival and is likely to be a scaled-down version of the last-man-standing battle royale format. It’d make a perfect addition to a new CS:GO operation.

2. New CS:GO Maps

Of course, every Operation comes with some new maps for players to check out. With so much time since the last operation, there are more choices than ever.

Earlier, Valve sponsored the FACEIT MapCore Mapping Contest. The grand prize winner Biome made it into the game, so it’s likely runner-up Abbey, Studio, and Kaizen could also make it. These seem like some of the most likely maps for the next CS:GO operation.

3. Returning CS:GO Maps

Every Operation also brings back some old favorites from past operations. Some common inclusions are Seaside, Agency, Insertion.

There are a few which players haven’t seen for a while. The return of maps such as Zoo, Santorini, and Season would also make great additions to an upcoming CS:GO Operation. We’ll see if they make it in.

4. New CS:GO Skins

Another common feature of operations is new skins. We’ve seen past operations introduce some of the best skins in the game, along with new cases and collections.

The next operation could bring in some style updates for the MP5-SD, CZ-75, Scout, and of course everybody’s favorite rifles M4 and AK-47. There are plenty of cool new designs in the Steam Market, so Valve has plenty to choose from.

CS:GO AK47 Aztec
AK-47 Aztec by Apêl

5. Better FPS In CS:GO

Despite years of bug fixes and game updates, FPS in CS:GO still sucks. Even players with high-level gaming computers sometimes suffer from frame rates dropping and stuttering.

A performance upgrade for better FPS in CS:GO would be a dream come true. However, with such an old game that still suffers from the same issues years later, it’s unlikely this kind of update would be packed in with an operation.

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