CS:GO Danger Zone is now free to play in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The 16-18 player battle royale mode is a whole new way to play, with new items and objectives. Here’s our CS:GO Danger Zone Guide on how to win, items, how to make money, and more.

CS:GO Danger Zone Guide – Items

There are various brand new items in CS:GO Danger Zone.

The buy menu (B) allows you to buy a small selection of weapons, ammo, nades, and equipment. Anything you buy will be delivered by a drone within around half a minute.

CS:GO Danger Zone Buy Menu

You have to be outside to collect your items from the drone. However, it’ll follow you even if you move after buying.

You can also find items on the floor and in crates and boxes spread out throughout the map. There are also regular supply drops throughout the game.

Items include:

  • Medi-Shot – Recovers your health and gives you a temporary speed boost. You start the game with one of these.
  • C4 Explosive – You can plant these to cause an explosion, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Breach Charge – These are bombs you can plant with your Fire button and detonate from a distance with your Secondary Fire button.
  • Parachute – Saves you from taking damage when falling from a high distance.
  • Armor – Increases your armor so you take less damage.
  • Guns – Regular CS:GO weapons are included. The guns in the buy menu will vary, but will usually include pistols, SMGs, and a scout.
  • Melee Weapons – Weapons such as the knife, wrench, and hammer can be used to unlock crates and attack enemies.
  • Nades – You can find or buy flashbangs, HE nades, molotovs, and smoke grenades.

CS:GO Danger Zone Guide – How To Make Money

There are a few ways to make money in CS:GO Danger Zone.

  • Find money on the floor ($50 increments)
  • Kill enemies to pick up their money
  • Find bags throughout the map which you can open for money
  • Take a Hostage to a Rescue Zone on the map for $500
  • Find a Safe and activate the explosives. Move away while it explodes so you don’t lose health.

CS:GO Danger Zone Kill

You can use your money to buy items via the buy menu or open paywalls, which generally lead to new crates and items.

CS:GO Danger Zone – How To Win

Danger Zone in CS:GO plays much like other battle royale games. You can choose to either find and chase down enemies or play passively, collect loot, and hide until the majority of opponents take each other out.

Opening the map (M) allows you to see where enemies are. Areas highlighted in Yellow denote that someone is there. The map also gives you important information on supply drops and rescue spots.

CS:GO Danger Zone Map

Make sure you order ammo, armor, weapons, and items at the right time. A drone delivery can leave you vulnerable and give away your position.

The best strategy to win is to start off somewhere without a lot of enemies. Focus on looting and getting guns, ammo, and armor. Once you have everything you need, you can strategically find and eliminate enemies from the map.

CS:GO Danger Zone Win

The goal is to be the last man standing. If you’re in a duo or squad of three, you can win for your team even if your allies die.

You can find more information on Danger Zone from the CS:GO blog.

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