What game on Club Penguin gives the most coins is something a whole host of players are asking at the moment.

As Club Penguin continues to enjoy a surge in users during the global lockdown, a number of challenges and tasks within the game are proving difficult for gamers.

Collecting coins in Club Penguin is one of the main aspects of gameplay. You’ll need coins to progress in the game and add new things such as furniture, clothing, and new Puffles.

Club Penguin (Wikipedia commons)

So, getting your hands on coins in double-quick time is something people want to know.

But with so many different mini-games in Club Penguin and ways to make coins, what is the best way of making quick bucks within the Disney classic?

What game on Club Penguin gives the most coins

  • There is no definitive method of guaranteeing the most coins, however, games such as cart surfer and Puffle round-up do usually offer a good haul

Both cart surfer and Puffle round-up are sure-fire ways of making at least a few hundred coins at once. But there are other games that can yield a decent haul of coins within the game.


Games such as aqua grabber, ice fishing, and, in particular, catchin’ waves, can bring big rewards if you manage to nail down the techniques.

If you spend enough time on Club Penguin you’ll soon find your coin collection building up.

Playing the above-mentioned games, though, will make sure you definitely pocket plenty of change without too much messing about.

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