Wondering when is the Call of Duty BlackOut beta? Well, Treyarch has revealed the dates!

Other than Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the biggest games – or at least most anticipated – is Black Ops 4. Black Ops has already had two massively successful betas, with players very excited by the movement and gunplay.

However, while the traditional multiplayer has got a lot of attention, really, it is the Blackout Battle Royale mode we’re all eager to play. When Activision announced plans to take COD to the world BR, many were hopeful, especially if Treyarch got it right.

Up until now, we’ve only had a few seconds of trailer footage to figure things out. However, things are going to change, with the next beta coming in September. Not only will we get to play more multiplayer but get our first taste of BlackOut.

On the Treyarch PC Twitter account, they revealed the BlackOut beta would be starting on September 14th for those who pre-ordered the game. Thankfully though, it will be open to all those with a Battle.Net account from the 15th, so that no one will miss out!

BlackOut Beta dates!

The video that accompanied the tweet showed that solo, duo and squads would be available. We know that the map is upwards of 7km2, similar to the map size of Fortnite. We also know that vehicles will be included, such as tanks and helicopters.

Sadly, we now have three weeks of waiting before the beta starts, but that will give you plenty of time to get a Battle.net account sorted if you haven’t already.

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