Call of Duty Mobile is set to bring a 2v2 mode to the ranks this week and plenty of fans are wondering what the whole thing is going to entail.

Season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile launches this week. April 1st, or April fools day to some, sees the first-person mobile epic come with new maps, killstreaks, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile


One of the new items on the agenda for COD Mobile players is the new 2v2 mode. The game developers often act swiftly to try out new modes and with zombies now gone, 2v2 looks to be the new trial.

But just what will Call of Duty Mobile 2v2 mode be all about. We’ve done some digging to find out a bit more.

What will Call of Duty 2v2 look like?

While we don’t know the exact workings of the 2v2 mode, it’s pretty easy to come up with the basic principle.

Furthermore, the mode has already been advertised with some explanation around what to expect.

Per, the 2v2 premise looks something like this.

2v2 Showdown, a new game mode, where duos face-off in a round-based brawl to the death. Similar to Modern Warfare Gunfight, 2v2 Showdown dishes out randomized loadouts each round, players’ health does not regenerate, and you must eliminate the other team or capture the overtime flag to win. The first team to take five rounds wins the game. Squad up with your friend or just practice your quickdraw with a variety of weapons in 2v2 Showdown.”

This statement from Activision looks like we are going to get something you can play with your friends. It also looks like it’s going to appeal to those who like a quicker game of Call of Duty Mobile.

What maps will be available in Call of Duty Mobile 2v2?

Once again, there’s no exact detail of if 2v2 will be available across all the maps win Call of Duty Mobile.

At a guess, we think it will be available to play across all standard maps within the game. It would be a bit strange of Activision to release a new playable mode and only have it across a few maps.

With only two days to wait, though, we’re sure the definitive answer will come soon enough.

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