Super Smash Bros Ultimate has only been out for a few months. However, there have already been many major tournaments in that time, with top Super Smash Bros Ultimate for WiiU players transferring over. But who are the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate players right now? Here are the top five based on their tournament results.

Best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Players 2019

1. MkLeo

It’s hard to deny MkLeo’s spot as the best Smash Bros Ultimate player right now. In ten tournaments, his lowest placement is 4th. He also boasts two 2nd place finishes and a whopping six 1st place victories in tournaments such as GENESIS 6 and the Smash Ultimate Summit. He’s also won with multiple characters, although his Ike and Lucina stand out the most.

2. Tweek

Tweek is very close behind MkLeo, although a slew of bad tournament runs keep him from the number one spot. He has picked up 8 tournament victories, the most impressive being Frostbite 2019 and Glitch 6. He’s shown proficiency with many characters, including Wolf, Wario, Young Link, and Donkey Kong.

3. Marss

Marss has quickly shot up the rankings with back to back wins at Collision 2019 against Nairo and Full Bloom 5 against Cosmos- all within a week! He also has a 2nd place at Heart of Battle against MkLeo. While he has some significant losses on his record, he shows continuous improvement and is a clear top-five player in the world.

4. Light

Light has top-6 finishes in all of his Smash Ultimate tournaments, save for the Smash Ultimate Summit. His most impressive performance is at Ultimate Nimbus where his ungodly comeback performances against Salem and ESAM saw him take 1st place. He also has a 1st place at NYXL Pop-Up! Against Nairo and many impressive match wins.

5. Dabuz

Dabuz hasn’t scored a big event win in Super Smash Bros Ultimate yet, but he does have many impressive top-4 finishes. His only losses are to top players, and getting 2nd place in Grand Finals to MkLeo and Tweek is nothing to be ashamed of.

Honorable Mentions

There’s a deep pool of talented Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro players, and there are many which could arguably be in the top five. Here are some of the rest of the best Smash Ultimate pros.

Nairo, Samsora, ESAM, Zackray, VoiD, Cosmos

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