The more players get into Smash Ultimate, the more we know about the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters. We’ve seen many tier lists by pros and even a Smash Bros Ultimate tier list based on tournament results. From all of these, we’ve deducted ten of the best Smash Ultimate characters to play in 2019.

1. Peach & Daisy

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - Peach and DaisySmash Bros Ultimate Tier Lists vary from player to player. However, there seems to be an almost universal consensus that Peach and Daisy are the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters right now. They’ve also been the most successful at tournaments. A powerful Up Smash, great Grabs, and strong recovery abilities make these characters perfect to play if you can master them.

2. Inkling

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - InklingInkling is another character that’s widely praised by pro players. Their unique moveset makes them another character that’s easy to play but hard to master. The ability to grind enemies into the ground with Side B gives you a lot of opportunities to knock them out. Plus, with super fast movement you can run circles around your opponents.

3. Snake

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - SnakeWhile not all pro players rate Snake top tier, the results-based Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List reveals he’s one of the best in the game. Setting up grenades and missiles allows you to take control of the stage and powerful Smash moves let you do massive damage to opponents.

4. Olimar

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - OlimarGood Olimar players are probably the most frustrating to play against. Many pro players rate him at the absolute Top Tier thanks to the the versatility of moves you can pull off using your Pikmin. He’s not the easiest character to use, but learning how to use him can pay off bigtime.

5. Lucina & Marth

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - LucinaMarth (and Echo Fighter Lucina) are two of the absolute best characters in Smash Bros Ultimate. Not only are they easy to play, but they’re consistently rated Top Tier. In fact, Lucina even gets higher ratings than Marth.

6. Palutena

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - PalutenaPalutena is an extremely rewarding character to play. With Specials to hurt enemies at long range and powerful Smash moves, good Palutena players can make short work of their opponents.

7. Fox

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - Fox

Fox is a very straightforward character but his speed and agility make him one of the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters. He’s easy to pick up and play, has good recovery, and can move around the stage fast to build up damage and avoid attacks. Alternatively, Wolf also works very well for the same reasons.

8. Pichu

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - PichuDespite his shortcomings, Pichu is an incredibly strong character. He’s one of the fastest in the game and his electricity-charged attacks can quickly add up. Although you’ll take some damage yourself, you can quickly take out enemies if you use him to his potential.

9. Pokemon Trainer

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - Charizard

The three-in-one deal you get with Pokemon Trainer makes for a very powerful character. You can use Squirtle’s speed, Ivysaur’s slick special moves, and Charizard’s power to really work your opponents over. Switching between the three is faster than ever and there’s plenty of options for attack, defense, and recovery. It’s no wonder Pokemon Trainer is high on so many Tier Lists.

10. Ike

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - Ike

He might not get as much praise as Marth and Lucina, but Ike is another very strong character to use. He doesn’t do anything too flashy, but he has enough power and finesse to frustrate any opponent. Another great pick for beginners.

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Yoshi, Chrom, Wolf, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Cloud

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