PC gaming may rule the esports world, but there are still plenty of PS4 esports games for controller players!

The PlayStation 4 has a fairly good infrastructure for esports, with various leagues, tournaments, and platforms like PS Plus League where anyone can play online. It’s also home to numerous multi-platform esports games like Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and NBA 2K18.

Here are five of the best PS4 esports games for you to get involved in.

5. Fortnite

The current biggest esport in the world is available everywhere, from your mobile phone to your washing machine.

But seriously, battle royale players who prefer controllers can find plenty of PS4 Fortnite tournaments, even though it’s bigger on PC.


4. Call of Duty

CoD is a traditional console esport, with many popular PS4 Call of Duty games like Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, Black Ops 4… You get the picture.

The most recent instalment is Call of Duty: WWII. It’s played in various online tournaments and players around the world are climbing the MLG rankings.

3. Rocket League

Many Rocket League pro players started off on PS4 and still use controllers in PC tournaments. It’s one of the best controller esports and there’s plenty of ways to play online even if you’re just a casual player.

2. Street Fighter V

PlayStation is the home of fighting games, especially in the pro scene. Games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Tekken 7 are often played in big-money tournaments at events such as EVO.

But Street Fighter V is the biggest. SF hasn’t changed too much since the olden days, so pick up a PS4 controller and learn how to dominate with Guile and Zangief all over again.

1. FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is one of the biggest console esports yet, with high-level tournaments for both Xbox One and PS4 players. It’s well suited to controller gaming and easy for anyone to play online.

You can jump right into tournaments and online leagues through platforms like Toornament and PS Plus League.

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