The Nintendo Switch is surprisingly versatile when it comes to controls. You can play wireless or plugged-in with a variety of different control types. So what’s the best Nintendo Switch controller?

Although many will switch with the pre-packaged joy-cons, it’s worth checking out other options. Some of these work better for games such as Fortnite and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Here’s a look at the joy-con, pro controller, and GameCube controller head-to-head.

Best Nintendo Switch controller? Joy-con vs Pro Controller vs GameCube Controller

Best Nintendo Switch controllers 2019

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Best Nintendo Switch controller - Nintendo Switch pro controller

Arguably the best Nintendo Switch controller, the Pro Controller may look basic but it’s sturdy and reliable.

Unlike the joy-cons which are prone to malfunction, this controller should last you a long time. Large buttons with great feedback make it particularly satisfying, especially in games such as Smash Ultimate.

It also has sturdy analog sticks, shallow shoulder triggers, and comes with rumble built-in. The only drawback is the price, but if you don’t mind paying for the quality it’s well worth it.

Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller

Retro gaming fans will love using the GameCube controller on the Switch. The buttons translate well, although the layout and feedback of the GameCube controller is much better for some.

Users with a classic GameCube controller will need to invest a little extra in an adapter in order to use it with the Switch. However, there are also official GameCube controllers made for the Switch.

One of the best out there is the PowerA Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch. This feels like a GameCube controller, but its low latency and screenshot button makes it perfect for use with Nintendo Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch controller - GameCube controller

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Best Nintendo Switch controller - Switch Joy-cons

Many will stick with the official Nintendo Switch joy-cons. These feel good enough, but they do have some problems.

Small buttons and thumbsticks make them a hassle to use for many players. In addition, the buttons are quite prone to hardware malfunctions after extended use.

Single joy-cons can make it easier (and cheaper) to play with friends. But they feel more like a cheap gimmick than a solid controller.

Using both joy-cons with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Comfort Grip makes it feel a lot better. However, if you don’t mind paying extra, it’s worth upgrading.

What’s the Best Nintendo Switch controller?

In terms of the top three, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and GameCube Controller beat out the joy-cons by far. Which is better largely depends on personal preference.

The GameCube controller for Switch can often be found cheaper, which makes it stand out as the best. However, the Pro Controller is a perfectly good product in itself.

There are a few other options. You can use an adapter for the Wii U Pro Controller, which feels very good with the Switch. There are also many affordable third-party Switch controllers out there which may suit you.

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