If you want to win eco rounds in CS:GO, you’ll need a good eco weapon. You have tons of choices, between the range of SMGs, shotguns, and even upgraded pistols. But what are the best eco weapons in CS:GO? Here are five to choose from.

1. Desert Eagle

CS:GO Desert Eagle Meteorite

The Deagle is arguably the most iconic gun in Counter-Strike. Whenever you need a super powered side arm or a solid eco weapon, this is a go-to choice if you can handle it. It costs $700 and gives you a $300 kill reward. However, it can take armored enemies out in one headshot.

The downside of the Deagle is it can be hard to master. It’s unforgiving recoil means you need to pick your shots carefully and have precise aim. However, two shots to the body or one to the head make it an extremely powerful eco weapon to use.

2. UMP-45

CS:GO UMP-45 Arctic Wolf

The UMP is the SMG of choice for most pro players. While it doesn’t have the fastest firerate, it does do a fair bit of damage and it’s easy to control the recoil. You can use this in short bursts to kill players fast and nab a rifle off of them.

It’s also a great weapon to choose in anti-eco situations. Plus, it costs just $1200 and gives you a kill bonus of $600, so you can make your money back in just two kills.

3. MP9/MAC-10

CS:GO MAC-10 Whitefish


The MP9 and MAC-10 are the cheapest SMGs for CTs and Ts respectively. MP9 has a fair bit more power, but the MAC-10’s super low price can make it very rewarding.

Both these guns have a low cost, a fast fire rate, and give you $600 per kill. If you need something to rush down enemies fast, either of these can make a good choice. However, they are much less effective against opponents with armor.

4. MAG-7


The MAG-7 is a niche weapon with a ton of power. This bad boy can take out enemies with one good shot to the body. This makes it very effective if you hold a spot and wait for an enemy to rush around the corner.

It costs $1300 but gives you a whopping $900 kill reward. This makes it one of the most financially rewarding guns in the game if you pick your shots.

5. Tec-9/CZ-75

Tec9 Avalanche

Finally, these two $500 pistols are very powerful. Many players choose these guns on eco rounds to quickly pepper down enemies and steal their guns.

Both guns give you $300 per kill. However, they make for great choices on any given round due to their ability to take down enemies fast, even on a full-buy.

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