The Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 is finally here. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the first battle pass for the popular battle royale game. The new Wild Frontier update also adds some exciting new features to the game. In addition to gameplay and performance changes, there’s also a brand new Apex Legends hero: Octane. Here’s more on Wild Frontier and the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1

The Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 is now available to all players. The in-game lobby now has a Battle Pass tab where you can see details and how to buy.

Each Apex Legends Battle Pass will include over 100 unique items to collect. For instance, those who buy the Battle Pass Season 1 will get 5 Apex Packs, 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers, and the Wild Frontier skin. Players with the battle pass will also be able to collect much more loot in the game.

The Battle Pass for Season 1 costs 950 Apex coins. This will cost players around £7.99 ($9.99). You can buy Apex coins from the Microsoft store or PlayStation store.

Although there are currently no Battle Pass challenges in Apex Legends, the developers suggest that these could come soon. For now, there’s still plenty to enjoy for users who pick up the battle pass.

New Apex Legends Hero: Octane

The biggest addition in the Wild Frontier update is a brand new Apex Legends hero: Octane.

Octavio Silva or “Octane” is a Legend capable of super fast speed and health regeneration. He also has a jump pad which can launch teammates across the map.

Octane’s full abilities are listed in the Apex Legends Season 1 Patch Notes:

High-Speed Daredevil
If it doesn’t involve diving, leaping, plummeting, or racing, then Octane wants nothing to do with it. Always the life of the party, Octane truly believes winning the Championship isn’t enough… not if you didn’t cheat death at least twice to get there.
Passive: Swift Mend
While not taking damage, Octane restores 1 health every 2 seconds.
Tactical: Stim
Move 30% faster for 6 seconds. Costs health to use. While active, Octane is affected less by attacks that cause slowdown. 2 second recharge.
Ultimate: Launch Pad
Deployable jump pad that catapults players through the air. Takes 90 seconds to recharge.
12,000 Legend Tokens
750 Apex Coins

You can learn more about Octane on the EA website.

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