As players take to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in their boredom and self-isolation, one of the key questions is how to water flowers within the game.

Once you get to level 3 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you can get access to your very own garden. From here, you can plant and grow your own flowers and plants.

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The garden keeper, Lloid is you go-to guy for all things gardening in Pocket Camp. From him, you can buy a range of seeds and fertilizer to get your garden looking in tip-top shape.

However, one of the issues new players are having is how to water plants and flowers. That could be your own or your friends.

It might sound a small detail but how to water plants in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is becoming quite the common question.

How to water flowers in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

While your flowers are growing, depending on their rarity and growth timer, you will notice the soil they sit in begin to slightly change shade or colour.


It can be pretty obvious to a more experienced Pocket Camp player but not so much for you newbies out there.

To water your plants in your own patch, you should have a pop-up to tell you what’s in need. This makes life simple enough and should ensure a smooth path to blooming for your flowers.

Watering your friends’ plants in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The beauty of this game comes in the fact you can also help your friends out if you want. This includes, you guessed it, watering their plants.

Simply travel to one of your friends’ campsites and approach the garden patch. From here, you should be greeted by Lloid, who should let you into the garden.

From here, you can choose to water one or all your friends’ plants. It’s completely up to you. And the added bonus comes in the fact that by doing this, you earn some friendship powder at the same time.

Be warned though, you can only water five gardens per three-hour cycle and you will only get the same amount of friendship powder regardless of how many flowers you water.

Other than that, you’re pretty much set to go. Happy plant watering!

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