What are the worst weapons in video game history?

If you’re anything like me, you might be a bit weird with your weapon choices in games. I quite like the challenge of using something totally useless and trying to either get kills or progress in the game.

There are some monster weapons like the BFG from Doom, the Famas from COD and the Guided Missile Launcher from Fortnite. However, over the years in gaming, there have been some really useless items that are almost impossible to work with.

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And here are the best of the worst:

The cane – Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde

Any ‘Angry Video Game Nerd’ fan will know what this abomination is all about. This NES ‘classic’ was a game that looks good in principle, but when the weapon you’re left with is a cane that goes through people and does no damage, you know you’re screwed.

There is very little you can do with that weapon, and it’s highly regarded as on of the worst of all time.

Klobb – GoldenEye

Remember the Klobb?! This Goldeneye weapon was just the worst, but it was intentional as a rib to game designer Ken Lobb. It looked a lot like a Skorpion but did absolutely no damage and had useless accuracy. You would think it would make up for it by firing quickly, however, it shoots SO SLOWLY.

The only way to get any use out of this gun is to dual-wield them. They do sound awesome but even having two of them just means that you’ll miss twice as much.

That being said, having some multiplayer action with the Klobbs is only ever great fun. This may very well be the very best of the very worst weapons in video game history

Mr. Saturn – Super Smash Bros

Not only is he a terrible weapon but he is a terrible character as well. In fact, he really is totally useless, especially when used as a throwable weapon. It does about as much damage as a warm fart on a cold day and that is why no one, and I mean no one, uses it.

Uzi – Call of Duty

I actually really like this gun and once managed to get a nuke with it on MW2 – even though my killstreaks did most of the work. The problem with this gun is that it fires too quickly and the recoil is basically unmanageable, to the point where hitting someone is impressive.

If you want to aim down sight with it then you are a brave, brave person because you won’t be able to hit anything.

M249 – Counter Strike

THIS. THING. IS. AWFUL. Honestly, the worst gun in Counter-Strike and for good reason. It costs $5,200 and jumps around more than House of Pain. Try hitting someone more than about five feet away or wanting to reload, because the round will probably be over before you get a new clip in.

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