What is the worst video game launch?

Every game dev wants their new release to have a very smooth launch. A strong launch always helps and basically sets the game up for a good future, especially with it getting reviewers and the internet on their side.

However, over the years there have been quite a few games that have had loads of potential but genuinely horrible launches. Speaking of which, it appears that Rare’s Sea of Thieves launch hasn’t exactly gone entirely to plan. Servers full of no one, lots of crashes and a few dodgy bugs.

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That being said, Sea of Thieves is still very fun, I mean drinking a load of grog and chundering everywhere is well worth the £50.

There have been games that had much, much worse launches than this one – ones that have gone down in infamy.

1. No Man’s Sky

There could be few comparisons between Sea of Thieves and No Man’s Sky, but I really hope there won’t be. The hype got a little too much for No Man’s Sky back in 2016, especially for the small developer team of Hello Games. Obviously, it didn’t help that the game was full of FPS drops, bugs and the devs hadn’t quite been honest about the games potential.

2. Diablo 3


Good lord that was so bad that it became a serious meme, and even a t-shirt which I still have kicking about somewhere. Imagine paying all that money to play a game that you have wanted to play since you were 10? And then you’re met with ERROR 37.

Oh and yeah, because the game was online only, even for single player, it was a total nightmare.

3. World of Warcraft

What? One of the most popular games of all time? Yeah, it had an entirely horrible launch despite Blizzard having a huge team and a reported 40 servers.

However, the sheer volume of players wants to jump on totally overwhelmed the team and the servers. In fact, Blizzard was forced to remove copies of the game from shelves due to fears that it would cause even more problems for them.

As far as launch problems go, this one’s a pretty good one to have.

4. Assassin’s Creed Unity

Personally, I don’t get why Assassin’s Creed is quite so popular. In fact, during the first game’s launch, it very much felt like we were getting lied to a little.

Anyway, Assassin’s Creed Unity was just a total mess. From huge FPS drops, crashes and some of the worst bugs I have ever seen. Remember the no face bug? That was pure nightmare fuel.

5. Batman: Arkham Knight

If Assassin’s Creed Unity was a horrible launch then Batman: Arkham Knight was a pure joke. If the console release was horrible, then the PC port was just an absolute disaster.

The game was totally broken on release and is apparently still knackered to this day.

Retailers refused to stock it; Warner Bros. was forced to offer refunds and a bit of an apology wasn’t enough to recoup a long-loved series’ reputation.

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